Spline Mesh Collision fails in Standalone?

When playing my game in standalone, I have a number of actors which are made from spline mesh components, and these meshes are configured to Use Complex Collision As Simple.

These actors have no collision when playing in Standalone (though in PIE they work fine).

EDIT: I’ve narrowed it down: it SEEMS like the problem is the spline mesh Set Start and End node which the Construction Script fires. This node updates the rendered mesh but it appears that, in Standalone, it doesn’t update the COLLISION mesh as well…?

Hi RythmScript,

I’ve attempted to replicate this in 4.8.1, but I’m not seeing this behavior on my end.

I’ve used the BP_Spline_Mesh (the pipe mesh) from the Content Examples > Blueprint_Splines.umap.

I’ve opened the static mesh associated with the BP_Spline_Mesh (S_Pipe_Spline) and removed all collision. Then I set the Collision Complexity to “Use Complex Collision as Simple.”

Using this in PIE and Standalone were the same from what I could see.

Can you verify your setup with this example and let me know where the differences are. It may be that something is not setup correctly that is causing the issue.



Have you tried setting up a Blueprint which, in the Construction Script, uses the Set Start and End node on the spline mesh?

I only get this collision error on an actor which is defined by a spline and which places a series of spline meshes along it using a ForLoop and Set Start and End; if I just use an ordinary spline mesh, defined manually, it seems to work.

If it still doesn’t work I can upload the asset for you guys to take a look at…

I used the assets from Content Examples. These are setup using the construction script. It has start and end points. I even used the BP_Spline_Component_Placement asset where I could use multiple meshes placed along multiple spline points.

It may be something that is setup incorrectly. It may be worth checking these assets and how they are setup, as it would probably take me longer to look at your assets to verify where this is happening.

These assets can be found in the Content Examples > Blueprint Splines map that is freely available via the Learn Tab in the Epic Games Launcher.