Spline Mesh Collision Bug

Hey, at my spline, which has a convex collision, there is no collision. The machine and other objects fail. This happens if you load the card during the game.

Hi Johann,

I attempted to reproduce this but I couldn’t get your results.

Make sure that you are setting the collision on the Spline Mesh Component directly. It doesn’t inherit the collision preset from the static mesh itself, it must be set separately.

Hi Ballard, here is a screenshot of the node. If you start the card, it all works, and if I load this card in the game through another card - it does not work.

Video. From any other level, loading this level leads to a collision error.

Thanks for the additional info. I see the issue you described in the video, however; I tested this again while loading level to level and I still wasn’t able to reproduce it.

Are you using level streaming in anyway or just opening the level directly from the menu?

Also, is this something you can reproduce in a new project? If so, can you provide exact repro steps and/or the test project?

Sorry, forgot to put the “update mesh”. Collision is working now.