Spline mesh collision box is offset from mesh? (4-27)

I have a largish landscape that I’m trying to add a road to. I’m using the landscape spline to do it. I prepared a simple static mesh for my road segment and assigned it to the spline. It looks fine, but I discovered that the collision box for the road mesh has shifted 16 units up in the z-axis from where it should be. Placing the road mesh in the level without attaching it to a spline shows the collision box is in the correct position. For some reason, the spline is adding an offset to the z-location of the collision box. What’s going on here? Is this a bug?

I can make this work by offsetting the collision box position. But I’d rather not do that.

Never mind. I found the problem. The issue was that the road mesh was segmented differently than the collision box causing the two to become misaligned when going around curved surfaces.