Spline issues

So I’m trying to sort out a spline for my foot paths. I followed the youtube tutorials by Dan Elliott. But am stuck at the final result. Gone over the tutorial countless times and I’ve looked about the internet for a solution but can find anything. The result can be seen below. When I bend the Spline the mesh doesnt warp/deform with it. Any ideas on what I’m missing? I’m using version 8.3, if that helps. Im pulling my hair out on this.

May thanks.

How many polygons does your footpath have? Is it just a 1 quad/2tri plane? Try to split/subdivide it a bit (just a line or two more to each axis) and it could start to deform correctly.
One more thing is, are you sure your mesh is attached to “segments” section of the spline settings, not to its control points?

Show a picture of your blueprint

The issue has since been sorted. The other guy working on this with me fixed it. Thank you for the help.

However, I will not leave it there. If anyone else has a similar issue, I’ll post the solution together with the blueprint. From what he told me. I plugged something in the wrong place, But will double check.