Spline issue

My spline may be facing the wrong way for doing the pipe.

How do I fix the spline point so the Spline line faces vertically instead of pointing all flat across the pipe?

Because I cannot construct the pipe with the spline point facing the wrong way.

Use “Set Forward Axis”

Hmm No effect it didn’t change the spline line direction which is strange… I seem to have different nodes to whats in your setup. because I’m using ver 4.14 and the setup I got was from a youtube tutorial on how to construct a spline so I don’t know if I have been given the correct setup or not for the Engine version I’m using… I’ve only got the S Spline in the components list, there’s no sm static mesh variable in my setup. You also have several other extra variables included that I don’t have in my setup under defaults like Mesh Length and Mesh Collision. and Allow Stretching.

You’ve also got your index set to 1 while I have to have mine set to 0 or it won’t show up the spline mesh. if I dont have my spline location set to relative, and try to set it to world then the spline mesh won’t show. So my setup is not compatible with yours, so I’ll try your setup instead, but I need to see the components list to add the extra variables I need to set up your spline.

see edit above

The setup of the tutorial you mentioned is good. You miss some steps.

  1. Be careful, your mesh in 3D must point to the Z axis like in my screenie (see the SM_BP_Pipe10)
  2. Select the ‘Add Spline Mesh Component’ node then change under ‘Spline MEsh’ panel its ‘Forward Axis’ to ‘Z’

It will work :wink:


Static Mesh Component Reference is not compatible with Static Mesh Reference.

Will someone in here PLEASE tell me how to correct this type of conflict so I can
link up the last pin and get the spline working with the static mesh.

I’ve not come up with this type of error before with the static mesh node.