Spline in game drawing (successfully done)

I’ve managed to successfully implement a spline drawing tool during game play. You can gather that this tool would be used to draw roads or walls and etc after selecting a tool to use. The issue I am having is in the construction script. Normally, the spline would render all of its meshes correctly - but when I draw the spline the meshes don’t display. If I eject from the game, but don’t stop it and proceed to click on the blueprint in the scene outline window, it then displays the points I’ve drawn in the correct locations. If I move one of these points, then the construction script runs and all of the meshes are displayed. Why not during play?

Is there anyway to render the meshes during play? I know that I will have to implement a variable for updating the rendering if a point is drawn, but other than that there shouldn’t be a performance issue if it needs to only be checked during drawing.

Anyone got any ideas? I can post my blueprint if need be, but it should be pretty easy to gather how I’m doing this.

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Is this what you’re trying to do?

I’m drawing out the spline with my mouse but it didn’t show in the video.