Spline Importing from 3DS Max & Adding Objects along a spline evenly

Hello everyone, this is my first post about blueprints. I am trying to do the following:

  1. Import Splines from 3ds Max
  2. Use those splines and place objects along the spline so that they deform and are placed correctly.

To accomplish the importing, I found this tutorial by Alan Noon. It’s good, but ultimately a workaround. Then, I followed some tutorials on adding meshes along the spline evenly. It kind of works, but it has an odd issue where my spline begins from the object, instead of the spline beginning. Very strange indeed. Here’s two screenshots indicating what I mean:

Lastly, here are screenshots of my blueprint:

I’ve also attached a zip with all of the blueprint objects, and a zip containing two of the splines I’m using for the setting in the blueprint.

I appreciate any help or feedback I can get. Thank you!