Spline - How to make Scaling, Rotation, Forward Axis, Changing mesh

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with creating a spline.

I managed to make a spline in which I have the possibility to add any mesh, material and change forward axis, but for some reason, there are empty spaces between the mesh. (red one on the screen)
In the second, the simple spline, which does not have all these extras, one mesh passes to the other smoothly. (green one)
Where did I make a mistake?

I also want to have control over the width and rotation of a point.
I want to use it to create the path in my game.
I would like it to be able to change its width and sometimes the angle.
I also want to be able to control breaks (spacing) between the meshes.

To sum up.

  1. How to set the Scaling capability?
  2. How to set the Rotation capability?
  3. How do I control the spacing between the meshes?
  4. Why does the red version create gaps between the meshes and green one does not?

Screens on Dropbox: