Spline Content Example is great!

From the preview notes I wasn’t too sure about how much we could accomplish with the spline tool, but the examples erase all doubt.

The growing vine and the fish are especially cool!

I was just going to drop some river splines, but the vine makes me want to actually watch them grow all over my map. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi There,
How do you play the Blueprint_Spline Content Example in the editor. I’m trying to figure out how the spline system work.

Howdy Froffs,

I was unable to see the Blueprint_splines Content Example at first also. What I had to was delete the past Content Examples in my library and then re-download the Content Examples from the Marketplace. When this is complete, start up the Content Examples. When the Content Example level loads, click on the Open Level in the file tab on the top tab in the editor. You should see the Blueprint_Splines example from that list.

Let me know if this fixes this issue. Thanks and have a great day!

Thanks for that I will check it out. I’m trying to figure out how to make MyCharacter follow a spline, But still retain Picth, Yaw, and roll.