Spline component with different mesh unreal engine

I want to create spline path with different meshes on different points after some length.

It’s just this:

Otherwise, you’ll need to include more details.

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it is done by using select and switch case. after then i try with array so that in each level i have static mesh on different point. but it is not working. only at first point 0 it is true else show false.[1]

The above makes no sense to me, sorry. Why not use one of the examples I posted?

You add an SMC and then run a loop, why? I don’t get what you’re trying to achieve.

But that’s precisely what my examples demonstrate…


As you iterate through spline points, choose which mesh goes where. Or If you keep meshes in an array:

What’s wrong with that?

I want to add static mesh at different points in each level. That is why i create two three array in which i store values of points where i want sm1, sm2 and sm3. then at adding component of spline i check array is the current point index matching with array value then add that static mesh on component point. But it show value true for only at point 0 for else it show false.
Is there way to change the value of switch case. so that i add the array value in switch case and add static mesh according to that.

i create rock name array and put int value as 5,9,12 .In these points i want rock sm. then in wall name array i put int value 3,7,15 in these points i want wall sm. and on other i want floor sm. how you compare the value of points with add spline mesh component points. If i use switch case then i have to create switch on int for 20-30 values. but that is also static i want it dynamic for all levels. so that i can change the static mesh for each points on each level.

Like this:

yes. Let me try to create map that store point value and Sm value in single map. if i got any problem then i will inform you. thanks in advance.

yes it done .but some static mesh show thinner. what to do so that each static mesh have that much width show in spline as width they have so that it show equal on all points instead of screeched on some places and squeeze on some place static mesh. if i set set tangent and distance then some all static mesh appear of same width .if it is not done by blueprint then is there way to cheche the distance of points so that i set same distance for same static mesh.

Could you show an example?