Spline Component in BP?



I create a BP with 4 splines. How to snap start points and end points of each splines together via BP?

I mean, when I pick up one point in viewpot I would like to corresponding point on second spline moves together with it.

Ok it is what I have now:

This is the function that gets the world position of start and end point of each spline:

This is the Construction Script:

So now i have access to location of each point of my splines. But what to do next, how to snap this points together?

What do you mean by snapped together? 4 separate splines whose end points coincide, or that they are attached, or that it is just one spline?

What are you trying to do?

I’m not sure why you want 4 splines, if you set your spline to be a closed loop in the components view, then in the viewport, right click on the spline and add points. Then right click on the point and set the point type to “linear”. You can make a square shape from splines with one spline component

I will try to do 4 blocking splines with 4 points coincide, and i want to make these points attached. I need 4 splines separately.

Zak loops his spline road in this stream I believe: [Twitch] NEW! Training Stream - Spline and Spline Mesh Components - Dec. 9, 2014 - Events - Unreal Engine Forums