Spline Component created in Construction script, editor modified I can't get updated spline position

Hello, In a blueprint if I add a Spline component via a blueprint Node I have to tick the “Override Construction Script” to make it editor editable

But I can’t get updates of the curve back to the Blueprint. I mean If I access later in this construction script this Spline I will get the original Spline and not the editor updated one.

How can I get the two working ?

What do you mean? Make sure you set start/end forEach of the splinemeshcomponents during gameplay (eventgraph)

Sorry I mean that Dynamically created Spline Components (not spline mesh) manually edited in viewport cannot be read by Construction Script.

Example, I Dynamic generate 3 spline, I thick “Override Construction Script” to make it editor editable , but then the edited spline doen’t reflect what the construction script read back, form placing instance for example.

Ah ok. Do you have any screenshots?