Spline Component Blueprint : Issue with Mesh Component & Clear Points

Build Type: binary from launcher
Build Version: 4.23.0-8386587

I’m dynamically constructing a spline component on an actor. All I am trying to do is add some points to the spline at run-time, and then add mesh components.

I noticed that when using Add Spline Component, that there were already two spline points created.

Originally i used Clear Spline Points to try and get rid of them, and afterwards add some spline points. However if I do this no Spline Mesh Components will be rendered.

I then tried to iterate over the Points, and use Remove Spline Point to remove them by their index. However Remove Spline Point will not remove the first (0-th) index spline point. There is always a point.

Set Spline Points has the exact same effect as well. I can define the points, but I cannot add a spline mesh after.

tldr; is there actually any way for me to delete the two spline points that Add Spline Component creates, or am I forced to use those two points?

Hi, I use the same approach of clearing spline points first when adding spline components at runtime. So no, you’re not forced to use those points. I’m guessing that the issue lies elsewhere. Try adding just a couple of spline points after clearing and see if you can get the spline mesh to display correctly

In my case the issue was the transform/tangent. Maybe it’sits the same for your case?

Thank you both for quick responses.

The issue was actually in the points I was defining. It was an extreme case of bad SplineMesh generation (similar to 109798).