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Title - Spline Builder

Price - $9.99

Version - 1.0

Short Description - Spline Builder is the fastest way for you to create buildings and interiors for your level.

Long Description - Spline Builder is a high quality asset pack designed to create buildings and inside environments quickly and easily. In the pack their is a selection of different meshes and tools along with a load of different customizable settings to edit your buildings.We aim to continue support for this pack with regular content updates containing meshes, tools and new materials.

Technical Details -
Blueprints - 15
Meshes - 40
Features - Spline Construction
Engine Compatibility - 4.8, 4.9, 4.10, 4.10.1
LODs - Yes
Collision - Yes
Tested Platforms - Windows, Mac
Intended Platforms - Windows, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox One

Material Specifications:
Number of Materials – 13
Number of Textures – 24
Texture Resolutions – 1024x1024






Download issue resolved everyone should be able to download the pack


Looks great. Won’t download, oddly. Anyone else having this problem?

Whew! It’s not just me. Groovy.

Hey there,

There is an issue with the luncher that is not allowing people to download the pack at the moment, we are in contact with Epic trying to get the problem resolved.

Any progress still won’t download.

Hey Defuse studios,

Got a few Questions -

  1. Is there the ability to define holes across multiple floors? For things such as Elevators, etc.
  2. Is there an limit to how many floors that we can make? I noticed in your video that there these are fairly small buildings in terms of height.
  3. Lastly does this make use of Instanced Static meshes? This will save allot of performance when it comes to Duplicate meshes. Especially for larger buildings. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time,


Hey there,

  1. There are tool such as the mid, floor and ceiling tools used to edit any layout inside the building tool to allow for stairs and other things like elevators
  2. There is no limit to the hight and the only limit on the X and Y axis is changeable by increasing the number of meshes variable in the control section of the blueprints details
  3. This uses static meshes at the moment because if you use instance static meshes the meshes can not be culled individually like static meshes can be so if you are looking at one
    corner of a building built with instance static meshes all the rest of the building will still be using resources where as static mesh will only use the resources for what the camera is looking at.

As a side note when using the building tool their is an option to change the size of the mesh pieces between 100x100, 200x200 and 400x400 using the larger sizes will result
in less meshes being rendered but less control of the size due to the meshes being bigger.

It is now downloadable.

Tool Demo
Hey guys here is a couple of gifs showing how the building tool works in the engine!

Update 1.1
Hey guys we had a bit of a rocky launch of the pack last week, and a few bugs that need fixing so we will be sending this update off early this week,
with new meshes, vertex painting and lots of bug fixes. Here are a few images of the new content!



Update 1.1
The new meshes, brick material and new features to the wall tool!



Update 1.1
The new meshes, brick material and new features to the wall tool!


Update 1.1

  • New Brick Material
  • New Wall Trim Style
  • New Half Walls
  • Improved Wall Spline Tool
  • Building Spine Tool Fixed
  • Vertex Moss Painter
  • New Door Mesh


Sir, you are a legend. Best $10 anyone can spend on the marketplace.

Thanks for the support!

Looks very interesting and powerful! gg :wink: …and 10$ !! !

We hope you enjoy it!

WIP Update 1.2

We have requested that Epic change the pack from create project to add to project, this should fix any compatibility issues.

  • New Trim Styles
  • New Door Mesh
  • Improvements To Blueprints
  • New Brick Material


Do these door meshes open and close or are they static?

I am planning to pick up this pack very soon. Possibly Today

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