Spline Bug

Hey, my goal is to make the garage door, but when trying to open the door with the spline, delete some bugs that I can not fix, can anyone help?

Blueprint: Screenshot - 0b7675076d9df4aac8c83a0e9501744a - Gyazo

bug: - YouTube



I’d take a look at the “Blueprint_Splines” map in the Content Examples project. (Specifically exhibit 1.2) (Get Rotation at Distance Along Spline)

another route would be animating the door panels using sequencer

Hope that helps!

I tried to see the example, but I got no results, I took a look at the other examples, but I could not get anywhere.

In the sequencer I only find the “Level Sequencer” and my goal is in the future, the player can get anywhere, a garage door, so I think not the best option.

Hmm, I think you may be confusing animating a camera with sequencer to animating objects with sequencer. Take a look this vid, I think you may be able to apply some of the fundamentals to the garage door.

For the Spline approach, I'd try searching for "ue4 spline path animation" tutorials to get a better sense of the system.

I can not use the level sequencer, because every time I put the GarageDoorBP, I will have to create another animation, and the goal is for the player to play, get to put the same GarageDoorBP, so it is possible to put the sequencer inside the Blueprint, and I do not know if it does.

I have already tried several times for “ue4 spline path animation” even following this tutorial “Unreal Engine - Spline Path Animation Tutorial - YouTube” but I still can not solve this bug.

Ah yes, animating with a level sequence would complicate instancing your door.

I took a look at that tutorial, make sure the correct values for scale are in your “Make Transform” node.

As for Rotation: I tried experimenting with the “Get Direction at Distance Along Spline”, but I cant quite figure out how to drive rotation with that vector.

That “Make Transform” node is really the focal point of the behaviour here - It may be a bit heavy-handed but you could try creating some more timelines and driving rotation with them. (adding delays for other segments)

I think a third approach would be to animate these panels in Maya/Blender,

And, a less realistic solution: Just have one big panel that slides into the ceiling :slight_smile: