Spline Blueprint Problems.

I’m following along with DokipenTechTutorials on youtube on how splines. Im trying to make a spline so I can make a road in my game. I made it to the second the second video with no problem until I went to test it after setting up the location in the blueprint. I’m trying to follow along but I keep getting an error in my ForLoop. “error unexpected node type k2node_macroinstance encountered at forloop”. I can add the blueprint to my scene but the mesh is set like thousands of units away from my spline. I want my mesh to be on my spline, like it should so I can create a road. If anyone has a better way, LMK. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks.

Photo Order from top to bottom: Error in BluePrint, Error in Blueprint2, Spline distance, spline when first placed in map