Splash suggestion in Unreal

In unreal they are 2 splash that can be used, one for the editor EdSplash.bmp or the game Splash.bmp.

The problem is BMP is the worse file you can use for image, you can use with PNG instead or anything, just find the
image in the folder “EdSplash." and "Splash.”, if a PNG is found, use it, if a BMP is found continue to work like right now.

The thing is BMP take so much space, if a splash of 800x800 take 2MB, you need 2 splash, 4 MB of wasted space in my opinion.
Using PNG or JPG you can decrease the size dramatically, in my case going from 4 MG to 1.2 MB with PNG.

I know that, in unreal both splash use 1.6 MB because the image are smaller then mine but it is not the point, the point is to
save space by using anything but BMP for file format…

What do you think?

I made some change in the engine to work with “EdSplash” and “Splash” without the BMP extension, now it looks for PNG, JPG and BMP. Seam to work great at least with PNG/BMP, need to test JPG.

Work on mac and windows, for linux I need to add/change the way the splash is working because it use SD_LoadBMP, so it will not work with PNG and JPG… I will check what unreal use to load texture and convert the image loaded in SDL_Surface…

By doing this change so far I kinda deleted lot of dupplicated code in the UE4Core lib.

Ok sound like the SDL_Load can take care of JPG,BMP,PNG (I switched the function from SDL_LoadBMP to SDL_Load)