Splash Screens (playing videos in UE4)

I want to add the “Made in Unreal Engine 4” splash screen/video (which i’ve already downloaded) and another video as soon as a packaged game starts. As of right now I have two levels that i’m using (a main menu and another one with the majority of the game.) What would be the best way to go about this?

Startup Movies are available in the Project Settings.


Thank you!

However, when i did that, packaged it and tried to play it it only gets about halfway through the first movie and then stops before cutting to my main menu.

Something else (that i’ll probably ask/talk about in a seperate thread) in my packaged games, i’m always getting the Lighting Needs to be Rebuilt (## unbuilt objects) even if i build the lighting before I package. Is there something i’m doing wrong? The main reason why i’m bringing this up here is simply because i’m wondering if it could have bearing on the movie problem.

I’m working on 4.10 (4.12 was too buggy for my comp when i started this project.)

Got it to work perfectly. I didn’t have the “Wait for movies to complete” box clicked.
Also, i was having a problem with the UE4 Logo splash movie but i got it to work after converting it to MP4 and changing the resolution. Thank you!