Spixel Game On GooglePlay

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New Features

9 New Music Tracks
New User Interface
Experimental Twin Axis Shooter Mode
Improved Gameplay
Instanced mesh randomizable animated background

Old Version Images


I just recently updated a game I made based off epics space invader blueprint in the content samples, Ive added more enemies dual firing mode(after 2000 points) and some sound. In the options screen you can also make the joystick input faster(this was one complaint I already recieved on googleplay which I fixed)
It would be really helpful for me if some community members could test it on their android devices and post how it performs ie slowdown bugs etc and what they think I could change to make it better, a good review on googleplay would be great If you like it


Everything is working fine. I think the game could use some camera lag, because it sometimes feels like the spaceship is not moving when I go left and right.

Second thing is the skybox. It kinda doesnt fit with the pixelated spaceships. I think a sphere with a texture of some pixelated stars would be cheaper and fit in better.

Cool little game!

Thanks for testing it…I was thinking of adding some procedurally generated side scrolls so that may fix the feeling that you cant move at the screen edge and make the motion more noticable…I think the pixel style background is a good idea, ill try and implement a moving pixel starfield with instanced meshes

You know what to do:

PS. instanced meshes for mobile are bad idea, the are emulated by software. So lots of limits, no gain from gpu optimization.

Thats good to know about instanced meshes on mobile before I went too far with the procedural trench generation…I had considered a trench also as it provides more defined boundries for player movement and is also an iconic venue for space battles…I should be able to cheaply do it, my main focus with this project has been to get a game on the market that runs well on a wide variety of devices…other projects especially ones involving physics cripple my nexus7 I have noticed an improvement with preview 7 and 8 of 4.7 though

For old mobiles i found out that any transparency or any light cripples it most. So i removed all lights (all materials are unlit and fully rough) and i fake all lighting trough materials. Well I have just one light that is sun. So far i could fake day/night (on planets its matter of dot product), normal maps to show mountains etc. I could also fake metallic shine for spaceship and gui (but that needs more work).

Surprisingly physics is not heavy for them unless you add lots of overlap triggers. I managed to have about 40-50 physics objects with events etc. At that point my friends nexus 5 starts to boil.

PS. I will migrate all to 4.7 next week. Unreal editor has some nasty habit of leaving redirectors everywhere and keeping outdated assets. Because of that when i migrate my project to new major version, i do exactly this, i migrate all blueprints one by one to new clean project. If you do not change folders structure everything works just fine. And that improvement for old devices is good news.

Just Updated this game on google play its alot better than it originally was will add music soon and alot more…updated images in OP

With 4.9 its only 40mb compared to 80mb with 4.6

Have Updated Game On GooglePlay Again…Added Music, Better scoring system, customizable player ship colours, mothership and kamikazes and more options such as right or left handed controls

Updated Images In OP

I have installed the game but when I try run it, it says I need to download a plugin called Substance and asks to go and download it from the market. I press Yes and it stays on a black screen forever. I then return to home and open the market, to my surprise there is no substance plugin on the market (apart of a watch app) I have a samsung note II

During development did you by any chance experience issues with your game erasing the persons wallpaper after closing it? Not only that, after this happens I can’t seem to relaunch my game without restarting. Not hijacking your thread, and will definitely try out your game, but I’m curious if this is a problem unique to me.

No Ive never heard of that happening before, Ive tested alot of projects on android and thats never happened, is it happening in 4.9? with android works installed instead of TADP

Try installing 4.9 and android works because if you have 4.8 then you probably have TADP instead of the new android works, you want 4.9 for a mobile app especially android because in 4.9

1it actually runs much better than 4.8
2.apk and obb sizes are 50% smaller
3 with the new android options its much easier to output signed apk…

So yeah start with 4.9 and android works see if it still happens and if it does still happen look into the device your running/tetsting it on and possibly paper 2d(paper 2d has never done that to me though)

If you cancel the substance install it should run, it doesnt do this on my test device, thanks for reporting this,should be fixed soon, im not sure why this has happened, substance has never been used in this project although during the 4.9 preview period I did use substance on another project, it must be stuck in the config for 4.9 or something

Just Updated On GooglePLay Again…I think the error with substance was from when the project was on 4.8 and substance was installed as a plugin(although not used in project), i installed substance in 4.9 then removed from project, hopefully this fixes that issue…Also Added new triple fire mode…If you try the game please suggest what I can improve

Just Updated this game on googleplay search for for this and my other ue4 games

9 New Music Tracks
New User Interface
Experimental Twin Axis Shooter Mode
Improved Gameplay
instanced mesh randomizable background

Updated game to engine version 4.14 and did some general bug fixing and gameplay optimizations

updated to ue4 4.16.1
optimized gameplay
reduced package size
optimized for less powerful phones