Spire puts the player in the armour of a knight in their struggle to survive against the eldritch creatures hidden within a frozen forest, armed with a new form of sacred rifle, facing the dark forces of these woods will be no easy task.

  • Core Team -

Jamie Callow - Environment Art

Thomas Siney - FX, Technical Art, Character Art

Gabriel Woolnough - Weapon Art

Laith Shewayish - Animation, Rigging

Vilte Bendziute - Creature Animation

  • Freelance -

Callum Beadle - Materials

Storm Flemming - Prop Art, Foliage

Paul Christoforakos - Music, Sound Design


Our goal with the Spire project is to build a fully playable gameplay demo prefaced by an in-engine cinematic. This short experience will focus on atmosphere and intuitive gunplay, aiming to intimidate the player while providing them enough agency to explore the world of their own volition. We’re lucky enough that each member of our team is a concept artist on top of their specialised roles, so we’re working hard on visualising the look and feel for our game to find the tone and aesthetic we’re after, so we can realise it as fully as possible. Many of our ideas and concepts are still subject to change, but we’re quite happy with the direction in which this project is going, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we’re enjoying making it!

We’ve been working on this project for a couple of months now, and we’ve got just under two months left until our submission deadline, so we’re all working hard to get it done! We’ve recorded an alpha video showing our progress so far - the character is just a placeholder for now, so we’ve included some concept art for our final design too, as well as some screenshots of our environments.

Alpha Video
Spire Gameplay (Alpha 0.7) - YouTube

Looks real cool. The lighting is great. Any atmospheric fog effects or just post processing? Both? I’d love to see updates! Thanks for sharing.