spinning cylinder (tunnel)

very new to all this and starting to get around better, looking for help on making a blueprint which upon game start will cause a static mesh (tunnel) to spin on its lengthwise axis at a constant pace (would be nice if this was configurable in editor), tried to mess with blueprints for several hours of frustration. trying to prototype a quick visual effect test with this. thanks in advance for any help.

I just tried this myself, and it’s actually very easy.

Create a new blueprint and add in your static mesh component. Then, in the add component dropdown list, there’s an option to add a rotating movement component. It’s a matter of editing the rotation rate in the rotating movement component and that’s it. Place your new static mesh BP into the level and it rotates automatically when you play the game.

may sound a little stupid on my part, but here goes anyway, first thanks for the reply, i got the mesh built and created, got the mesh referenced by node on a new level blueprint, but for the life of me cannot find the dropdown for add component ?

Is it a blueprint? You don’t need to use the level blueprint to reference the mesh. You need to create a blueprint (parent class actor). Then in its components section, there’s a dropdown to add components. Add a static mesh and the rotating movement component both from that dropdown list.

In the end, the mesh is going to be its own blueprint that you drag into the level. All functionality for it is in its own blueprint. The level blueprint never comes into this.

Here’s what it shows when you double click on your new blueprint you create for this mesh.

Top Right: Components section is selected
Top Left: you see a dropdown menu, where I’m highlighting the rotating movement component. At the top of the list in the pic, you can also see Static Mesh.

Hope this helps!

thanks greatly, finally got it, big mistake was doing as you guessed and making a level blueprint, once i got the class blueprint it went pretty easy, took a few to figure out the rotation settings but got it going the way i wanted now, love blueprints just taking a bit to get the hang of, any idea how to put a collision on a hollow cylinder so you can still walk thru the middle ?

You probably want to open the mesh in the Static Mesh Editor and choose the ‘Use Complex As Simple’ option, so the player will collide with the graphics triangles.