Spinning cylinder not spin on pitch, it´s freezes

Hey Guys. I have this problem with my spinning blueprint. This BP just spin static meshes…nothing too fancy.

If i set up any static mesh on my BP (already set up my static mesh to movable) to spin on YAW (Z) or Roll (X) it´s work´s fine.

But, if i try to set up to Pitch (Y) it´s freezes the rotation after 2 seconds on simulate.

What am i doing wrong ?

See the video:


You are experiencing something called gimbal lock I believe. To avoid this problem I would use the node Combine Rotators. Instead of breaking and making, create a rotator that represents the offset per tick and then add it to your static mesh’s rotator.

Here is an example of it being used.

Fantastic !!! Worked very well ! Thanks, NoobsDeSroobs .

I’m struggling with rotating an actor by pitch 90degrees at a time and cannot get past gimbal lock flipping at 180. Could you explain how the example above applies. Maybe show a blueprint example. For all other rotations I’m breaking and making a new rotator and then using SetRelativeRotation. Please help.