Spink (Android - 100% Blueprint)

Hi guys !


Red Girafe Games is proud to annouce the release of Spink for Android (iOS coming soon) !

Google play page

Spink is a free High Score Game.

Gameplay is simple : you just have to dodge incoming obstacles by moving right or left, easy, isn’t it :wink:
Some effect areas are here to bring some fun too…

Technically, Spink takes advantages of Unreal Engine’s Google play Services integration with Leaderboard, Achievements, In App Purchases and AdMob monetization (customized with full page ads).
Game is 100% Blueprint, not even a single line of C++ !

C&C welcome :wink:

Red Girafe Games

Spink Update v1.09

New Training mode !

Customize every aspect of the game to fit your needs.

New blog post : 10 Tips and Tricks to use Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4

Most of them learnt during Spink development :wink:

Red Girafe Games

Thanks, amazing game.