Spine vs Spriter (with Unreal projects)

I’ve never animated anything in my life, and I’m looking for the best way to get started. I’ve seen a couple of programs: Spine and Spriter. I’m basically just wondering the pros and cons of each, and perhaps more importantly how an animation created in one of these program can be imported into/used in Unreal. I’m completely unsure if this would be a simple or complicated affair? What are the formats used? etc.

those programs bake all your animation in sprite sequences(or sprite sheets), so in this point UE4 does not matter what program you use(you don’t get smooth blending for character animation transition!!!) , but on forum i see another program and it has plugin for UE and can do smooth sprite blending(for example from running to jump or idle to run and etc )

Cool, I’ll check this out! I was looking at spriter mainly because of how cheap it is, and because I’ll probably be sticking to flipbooks anyway.

No, you can bake or export the bones and the animation for runtime animations, but the Spriter is working on and Spine have an API.

Hello zip,

Thanks for pointing out my tool Creature on this thread.
Creature already has a UE4 runtime:

Some results:

A UE4 Dinosaur demo:


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