Spine don't displaying anything on some Android devices

Hello everyone! Recently I installed Spine plugin for android project and make a ETC1 build. for some reason, on some devices Spine component didn’t displayed while other work alright.
Materials that used, are pretty simple for mobile & unreal compile them for GLES2.0 (Materials -> Platform Stats). I’ve try to ask about that issue on Spine forum, but one of devs say " [FONT=PT Sans]I’m not quite sure how we can tackle this on our end.

", I leave link to forum topic below.

List of devices where we found that problem:
Samsung Galaxy Note II
THL 5000T
All that devices united by Mali-4xx GPU inside.

Additional info:
Project version 4.20 (Released)
Plugin version: Spine 3.7-beta-cpp branch (last commit of 13 Jul) from: GitHub - EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes: 2D skeletal animation runtimes for Spine.
Topic on Spine Forum:…id-devic-10571

Try enabling the useFullPrecision Material setting and see if that helps. If that does not help it could be that the spline plugin is not compatible with the mobile device you are using.

Tried, didn’t help :c Maybe any other conjectures?

Update for Devices:
Lenovo P70
Lenovo A7000

Both has [FONT=“YS Text”]Mali-T760 & They work alright with Spine

Hi, Mario from Esoteric Software here, makers of Spine. Spine does not do anything out of the ordinary regarding materials. The materials set the blend mode, fetch the vertex color and texel, combine them, and outputs them as an emissive color. We also use ProceduralMeshComponent to generate the dynamic meshes.

So, we are using extremely simple materials, and Epic’s ProceduralMeshComponent. Are there any limitations on mobile regarding PCM or materials that specify blending?