Spiders / Need help by the BlendSpace


please see this Video:

And here is a short Video from the Blendspace:

The Turn-Left and Turn-Right Animation did not work and the Idle-Animation do not work too.
Can someone please help me?

Kind regards,

In your animBP are you setting the variable richtung? If so can you get a print out of it updating to see if indeed the value is updating, you can use a print string to see if it is updating at all. If it is then you need to look at how your spider is using controller rotations it may not be using the correct setup to coincide with the way you have setup the animBP and blendspace, I believe from the looks of your setup it needs to use the controller Yaw rotation for the turns to work.

Hello Black Phoenyx,
thank you for your Kind Answer!

I think that the “variable Richtung” is the problem but i think that the solution is too difficult for me. Is it possible that i can send you the Files (1.84 MB) and you can see the AnimBP by yourself? If yes, please give me your e-mail and then i can send you the Files or a Link, where you can download the files because i will not publish the link here.
I hope you find some time to look to my files and i have the solution to get the Animations at the right time…
Kind regards,