spider webs

suggestions of a way to create spider webs, need too types, one that is just for looks and theming, the other basically wanting to make long string like threads to cross the area, with the glistening look a web would have, any pointers to get in the correct direction appreciated. thanks

Just create a/or several planes (like you do it with grass) with a spider web texture on it

e.g here is a example (its something like hanging moss -> it looks better in the UE4 ^^)


thanks fighter for that, that seems real simple for part one of it, think on the other need to figure a mesh or something as i want to be able to put trigger points on it for other events to happen off of ?

So that something happens when the player touches it?

planning on using it to activate enemies and to spawn additional enemies, plus matinee events as needed, basically small trigger volumes along the trigger lines, but i want the trigger line to be visible to the player and look like spider web strands (biig ones, lol)

Then just create the spider webs -> place them into your level -> with the mesh selected go into the level blueprint -> right click + add event for meshname -> choose a event -> connect it with a action e.g matinee