Spider Man Style Project (Free Download)

Hey Everyone,

This is a BP project I’ve been working on lately that I wanted to share with you all. It features a wall running system, web swinging, the web-zip move (with edge detection) and a few other things.

Demo Video - UE4 - Spider Man Project - (Free Download) - Web Swinging, Wall Running, Edge Detection and more. - YouTube

There are still a few bugs, and a lot of things I’d of added to the project if I had more time but for now I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out.

The project is free to download on Gumroad with the discount code below, and hopefully will prove useful to anyone wanting to learn how this sort of thing is created using Unreal.

Gumroad Download - https://gumroad.com/l/OMkgH
Discount Code - rgzpdcb
Engine Version - 4.23

There are some tutorial videos from my youtube too - which are a bit fast paced, but should help provide a bit more insight into the project and how it was made.

Web-Zip Move

Web Swinging

Wall Running

Credit :

Spider man model - Pawas Saxena - Sketchfab

3d city model - raven0246 - Blendswap

“New York”, by OpenStreetMap, licensed under CC BY-SA OpenStreetMap

Crane model - jigga041699 - Blendswap


Taxi and police car - Matthew (jeandiz) - Sketchfab

Sound effects - Freesound.org


How do i import it into Unreal


wow! that’s just amazing, thanks for sharing dude!

can you share it with me, please?

I’ve grabbed this to have a look as it’s quite an amazing free asset to throw out there - and I’ve been curious about a web slinging/grappling hook game like this in a VR environment. I had been planning on making pretty much all of these mechanics myself to see how nauseating it would be, so it’s grand to have this already done so I can just include the VR capabilities. I will drop another comment on here if I get round to doing it to a decent level.

can you upload it for ue4.15