Sphoxie Post-Mortem and more!

A long time ago I released a game called Sphoxie on the Apple app store and I had started working on my next game in the UDK but suddenly the Unreal Engine 4 was released so I had to learn that, it was so shiny and fresh. I figured the fastest way to learn would be to remake one of my games and I choose Sphoxie because I believed having controller support would let it show it’s true colors.

I started and all was going well but then I started a new job and lost a lot of my free time and energy and managed to get the game 90% complete but that last 10% took forever but here we are after more than 4 years.

I released Sphoxie on Steam, the process seemed intimidating at first but was quite breezy. I tried getting released on GOG and Indie Humble store but they politely said no however I put it up on itch.io for fun.

I managed to sell an amazing 51 copies, I have accepted that my game is not attractive but I love it none the less. I spent 200 bucks on marketing, on facebook and a community forum, the community forum was way more worth it in the end.

I appreciate the journey and regret taking so long but life, what can you do?

Here’s a video of the post mortem where I show some technical stuff I dealt with and just express my final thoughts on everything.


So whats next? Make more games of course! I’ve already started my next one and will make sure that it won’t take forever and a half to complete, I have made some life arrangements to make that easier.

My “new” game will be a remake of my very first game but for PC, Bizango Blast, a physics destruction game (think angry birds but in 3D)


In the video I explain what I’ve made so far and my doubts with the art style. I hope you enjoyed this or at least learned from my mistakes.

Happy game making!