Spherical Gaussians "The Order 1886"

Hey guys,
I was reading a bit about the order 1886 and came across a view intetresting features they have used to make this game look so amazing.
Maybe this is something that could be also integrated into UE4…


its really amazing

Doesn’t UE 4 already accomplish this with reflection capture actors?

From my understanding what we have are SSR and Sphere reflection probes, however reflection probes are not very acuarte according to reday at dawn. So for quality reasons they decided to use SG Bakes.

You can increase reflection capture resolution though. SSR and Reflection captures can work together too.

You will be still not at the same quality level, there is a reason why ready at dawn decided to implement such a feature. You can find on the net quit a lot about SG Bakes and a detailed explanation by reday at dawn why SG has a much higher quality than probes.
And by the way, they are using both techniques together from my understanding.