SphereTraceByChannel returns Zero for ImpactPoint (UE 4.26)


few days ago i have installed the newer version of UE 4.26.0 (Prev 2).
Before that i used version 4.25.X. In one of my projects i have used many TraceByChannel functions in my BluePrint classes and everything was fine.

Now in the newer Version i tried to use TraceByChannel functions too, but now i am getting Zero-Vector, vectors with coordinate [0,0,0], for all Impact-Points.

To be clear: This only happens currently with all SphereTraceByChannel functions in BluePrint, including MultiSphereTraceByChannel.

Here is an example of a simple BluePrint with MultiSphereTraceByChannel:

Hope anyone knows the solution.

Best regards


After some investigations i found the problem/solution to this and it still bothers me that this happens in 4.26…
The problems are the Start- and End-Vectors of the SphereTracer (doesn’t matter which tracer).

In my example i use ActorLocation as Start- and End-Vector which leads to this struggle. Now if i shift the vector like 1 units on Z, everything workes fine again.

Here the correction of my example above:

Works with both MultiSphere- and SphereTraceByChannel.
But still bothers me why this happened because now i have to change ALL SphereTracer and shift them by only 1 unit.