SphereTrace not hitting other players

Hey all,
I am using SphereTrace to detect whether an attack hit another player in a multiplayer game (two clients on a dedicated server).

Problem is, my SphereTrace won’t return any results. It is executed by the EventGraph on the player actor. I have tried doing it both on the client and on the server, with SphereTrace For Objects (ObjectTypes is an array containing "Pawn) and SphereTrace by Channel (on Visibility). I verified that the sphere is correctly positioned and large enough to intersect the other player. As you can see in the image below I even tried enabling self collisions and still get zero hit results.

I must be missing something silly. Any help is much appreciated!

Capsule Collision Settings

Mesh Collision Settings

Hey, just so you can test something while waiting: Try to check “Generate Overlap Events” on the Mesh too.
Also hit “Trace Complex” on the Trace.

I don’t really see another problem right now, so you might wanna wait for another person to see the error.
But as i said, until then, you can try my 2 ideas (:

Thanks for the tips! I pulled the project up again today and didn’t have any luck unfortunately.

Whether or not I run the trace on the client or server shouldn’t matter, right?

I think I figured it out:

My start and end points for the sphere trace were the same since I just wanted to check if things were inside a sphere or not.

Once I made those points different, I started getting hit results!

Set them to Overlap rather than block…Right now they generate Hits? (I say with a question mark cause I don’t use block much…mostly overlap) They are both pawns object types and that seems a smidge weird so double check that as well…kinda have to balance which kind of object types overlap and which kinds block each other early in your game to make sure the collisions interact with each other correctly…more on overlaps here…