Sphere won't stop rolling on a flat surface

Hey guys, i have a sphere skeletal mesh with a sphere body set up on the Physics Asset. My problem is that once i put the ball on a flat surface and give it a little push it wont stop rolling, i’ve tried setting up a Physical Material with a big friction value but it didn’t do anything. What am i missing? Thank you.

This has been answered before: Sphere physics. Infinite ball rolling - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

This is something that is listed in Nvidia’s documentaiton as well and is part of their system. A new parameter has been added in 4.8 that should allow you to force this to work. Take a look at Ori’s post.

I apologize for the duplicate question then, it’s just it’s such a weird thing to have in a AAA physics engine that i thought i was just doing something wrong :stuck_out_tongue: I will try the new parameter :slight_smile:

No need for apologies. There are a lot of questions on here, so it can be hard to find things sometimes. Although, using the Docs.UnrealEngine.com site to search has worked better for finding answers for me because it search the AnswerHub, Forums, Wiki, and anything associated with Unreal Engine 4’s official sites. :slight_smile:

As for the Physics in UE. Just because it’s AAA game engine does not automatically mean that everything will be easy or not require code or blueprint logic to get something working. Since Nvidia PhysX is used by Unreal a lot of answers will come from their documentation and not necessarily directly from UE4 documentation. It can be frustrating at times, but it’s a part of game dev. The only reason that parameter was added was because everyone kept reporting “bugs” that this was an issue. In games, relying specifically on physics to do everything is probably not the best solution, you would want to setup some logic in a BP or code that can control it within certain bounds. This would provide much more predictable results that would work better in games. Granted most people were asking about Billiards type games rather than just a ball rolling kind of thing. :confused: