Sphere Trace Melee on Lower FPS

A question regarding framerate differences, i thought this would be easy. I am using Tick on Notify State basically it Sphere Traces every tick for the set amount of frames in the montage. on different framerates the result is different.

at Lower 20FPS limit

I also tried ditching Tick Notify instead on Begin I Set a timer and on End Notify I cleared that timer, results were still similar contrary to what i was taught that timers fixed the issue of FPS dependence just like Delta Seconds.

Add socket points to your weapon.

Every tick you calculate a trace, on each socket point, from your last position to your current.

Visually, it will still be inconsistent, but the hit detection won’t fail.

Hi, thank you for answering.

I do need a bit more clarification because I am currently tracing vertically and start point is a scene component attached to static mesh and its forward vector*length is the end location.

What you are suggesting will be horizontal trace?

And i would need 2 vector variables one last pos and other current pos = get socket location;

So here is the thing what would i store in last pos to begin with?
It would be helpful if you can hook up BP of course if you don’t mind.

It now works for lower FPS not still as accurate but at least the hit counts.

if anyone has a better solution please share.

I’m not sure if you can access the animation information via Blueprints.
If you can, split the long ticks into sub-ticks and grab the socket location for each sub-tick instead.
This is how the movement of the character, projectiles and so on is done.

May want to look into Rama’s Melee Weapon Plugin if you more accurate traces.

Thanks for the suggestion Kris I was recommended this on Discord as well. I am planning on getting this and saving alot of headach but there is also another problem that I want to learn stuff and not to use Assets, currently I am trying to implement this in Unity as well.

Can understand that :slight_smile:

Rama’s plugin won’t magically fix the low fps issue - it’ll just let you do more accurate traces.
It does this because it uses rotational collision via Physx, something UE4 does not support by default.