sphere trace in control rig version 4.26


I’ve been trying to make use of the sphere trace node for control rig 4.26.0. Currently no matter what I input into it, it seems to always return collision hit result of “false”, with a hit result of 0,0,0. When I add a debug draw line to check if the start/end/radius inputs I’m entering into the node is correct or not. The debug line seems correct with a line going down from the foot into the ground and they should be returning be a hit value of something instead of 0,0,0.

Wondering if anyone else had run into this, before? I’m not really sure what I’m missing, from my debug draw line the sphere trace node should be returning a hit value.

Thanks for any help and insight into sphere trace.

Hello, there was a bug in 4.26.0 with sphere trace in Control Rig which caused it to only hit the Visibility channel. This was fixed in 4.26.1 so update to that if you’re not on it, and see if that fixes your issue.

Thanks, I’ll try that out and update to the latest version 4.26.2 and see how it goes.

Good luck. I have found that my sphere trace still somehow does not hit anything but world static objects, but haven’t yet figured out why. Please post back here if it works for you.

I also had the same problem in 4.26. Thanks for pointing out that the sphere trace of the control rig only works with world static objects. Atleast I got it working now and maybe epic could fix that later and make it work with other collision presets.

Hi everybody, is “Sphere Trace” works fine with Control Rig 4.27 ?

Finally I’ve a fix with the 4.27, maybe is the same with the 4.26, so take a look here :