Sphere trace ignored on level 1 but not level 2

I have a test level that the landscape fills the world. The character has the trace and it works fine. I open a different level that has meshes on it and the trace does not work. I mean it does not draw the trace when debug is set to “persistent”. When i play 1 frame at a time the execution wire lights up for 1 frame and the break hit result has no data.

why does the trace that is on the character BP only work on 1 level? Both level BP are empty.


I did not really understand if you debug the information but can’t see anything being drawn.
So I’ll just throw some shots in the dark.

If the “draw” does not show at all.

  1. Could be a different world setting which spawn the wrong character
  2. Different game mode which have debug turned of.
  3. You might have a “Flush Debug” in tick In any Bp in the scene
  4. Some kind of Console command that remove all debug information
  5. There might be some dependency in lvl 1 on the line end location

if it show but does not generate hit information.

  1. Lvl1 have different collision preset when you spawns them in vs lvl2

After beating my head on my keyboard i checked the “trace complex” box and now it works on all levels.