Sphere spawning from Player Start can't get rid of

So I’m making a SimonSays game with arrows. I have a static camera that doesn’t move. However I have this sphere that moves around my game when you use wasd keys which i use to check arrow inputs. It spawns from this playerstart.

Deleting it doesn’t get rid of the problem I didn’t have this player_start before I added because I saw something about it in another question. By adding it i now Know that sphere always spawns here.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need to see my static camera blue print let me know! Thanks guys.

That’s the mesh for the default pawn. You can create a new spectator pawn and set it as player pawn in World Settings to get rid of that mesh.

I would love to do that. But I can’t figure out how to do the proper steps.

I create a new Spectator Pawn…
But I can’t drag and drop this pawn into the editor?

Also… where in the project settings do you have to switch to the new pawn?

Thank you so much for any help making this work!

I mean… I also need to make sure I can use the new pawn for navigation… like the original one.
If you press W,A,S, D buttons on your keyboard, you should be able to move… including the mouse function.

It makes sense what you posted… but I can’t get this to work.