Sphere not triggering onBeginOverlap - ADK only

I have a sphere and a trigger. I am moving the sphere into the trigger, but for some reason it does not trigger the onBeginOverlap function. I have generate overlap events on for both. I have re-created the same objects in UE4.8, and it works fine. If I move my character in and out of the trigger, it generates the events fine. I feel like there is a check box that I’m missing that’s specific to ADK.

Are your collision settings all correct? I had a problem with this when making my fence, but after some “fiddling” I got it to read everything correctly.

I went as far as to set both objects to overlap all, and it still didn’t work. If I leave the sphere inside the trigger at the startup of the level, it works for whatever reason. It’s honestly maddening, I spend about three hours last night with this bullcrap.

are u making sure the box is clicked and the graph is set on the box not just nothing… i made that mistake lol