Sphere component for overlaps can take dmg for root structure

So i have a sphere component that I use to generate overlap events to wake things up out of stasis. The issue is, if a player swings a pike within the sphere, it causes dmg to the root actor.

Am I missing something here?


No, it’s a known issue. Not entirely sure if Wildcard can fix it either, because it really depends on what’s happening in the background as to what causes it.

I believe disabling collision completely stops it, however, I think that disables overlaps from triggering.

You could experiment with attaching it at runtime. Something akin to DoOnce > Attach > Save to a variable, then seeing what you can do from there.

A small group of us encountered this issue a month or two back and I can’t remember the way it was worked around exactly, it may be what I suggested above but I don’t know for certain, and the Slack history doesn’t extend that far back unfortunately.


If you want overlap events try attaching a trigger sphere actor.

I have been looking for how to do this, and the only solutions I have seen are to do it with C++.

Do you know how to do it otherwise?

Some have successfully just attached it as the child actor and get the events from there, this does not work for me due an infinite loop error. I use blueprint interfaces with the trigger sphere actor just so I can control other events.

Create blueprint interface with 1 function and no output variable, this so it can act as an event.
Create the trigger sphere actor blueprint, create events overlap, etc
Attach blueprint interface to both sphere and actor
spawn sphere and attach to an actor on event play
Set up sphere trigger to send interface message to your actor, an easy way is to get all actors with an interface then cast to the actor.

This is the tedious way of doing it, but it works for what I’m doing (multiple triggers with vector location’s and player names, etc)