Sphere Collision Trigger

Let’s say I have a weapon with a sphere collision trigger surrounding it so that when I enter the trigger a pickuptext shows up. The questions is, when I pick up the item and equip it, what is the right node to destroy this sphere collision trigger? So when the item is picked up and equiped on the hand it won’t show the pickuptext. Or you think that another method than destroying it is better?

I have tried “Destroy Component” with sphere as the target but it doesn’t really work, the pickup text still shows up

Is the sphere attached to an actor(the weapon)? If so is there any reason you can’t just destroy the actor upon pickup? Otherwise you could also try the disable collision node and utilize it upon pick up.

Just set its visibility to false whenever it is equipped. Or use a boolean to disable the code that makes it draw in the first place whenever it is equipped.

If it isnt equipped you can enable drawing of the text again.

My goal is to deactivate the trigger on pickup, not to destroy the actor(weapon) upon equip. If I were to do that, then what thing I would equip?

That gets a bit tricky if you see my blueprints :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried the 2nd method you described, but was hoping for something else on your upper post
Thanks for the answers!

It would be easiest to just set the text to be hidden like suggested above.

So you would create a Boolean eg isItemEquipped set it’s default value to false.

If the bool is false , the item must be on the ground so create a branch and set the pickup text to be displayed.

Once you pick up the item simply set the bool value to now be true. This means the item is equipped and no longer on the ground . So hide the pick up text.

I think the node you need is the set visibility ( make sure it is the right one each type of text has it’s own one) and also make sure you’re pickup text has the ‘is variable’ checkbox ticked so that you can use this referance to go into the target pin of the set visibility node

That’s exactly what I did before I post here.
I had an EslateVisibility variable for hidding and showing the text when the player enters the sphere’s trigger or leaves. When the object was equiped, I had a bool variable(false by default) “IsEquiped” to be true, then on triggerbeginoverlap I attached a branch with the condition of if “Isequiped” is true then Eslatevisibility to be set to hidden and if false, then EslateVisibility set to true but things didn’t come up just like I was expecting.

I know it’s a pretty simple logic but I wanted to see if I was doing something wrong. Seems I’ll have to debug it a little further

Hmm strange I done a similar thing last night and mine worked. Can you post up screen shots so we can try and figure out what’s happening. The only thing I could suggest is that when you are setting the Boolean the value is not being set. Have up tried debugging the actual bool to make sure it I being changed from true to false?