Sphere Collider Can't Fire Hit


I’m using UE 4.10.1.

I use sphere collider for my actors.


I set all these properties for my actors:

Simulate Physics: Enabled

Enable Gravity: False

Simulation Generates Hit Events: Enabled

Collision Presets: PhysicsActor


When I move actors closer, it should fire hit event when collision.
If I use box collider, capsule collider, or custom collider, it works fine.
However, if I use sphere collider, it just pushes another actor without firing the hit event.

Attached project shows this situation.


The reason that your sphere doesn’t seem to be generating hit events is because you are adding offset to it. This means that while it may seem that the sphere is hitting the other, it is possible that it is actually passing through the sphere instead, which would be considered an overlap event.

Also, Simulation Generates Hit Events is meant more for physics simulation, meaning if the object was moving and collided with the other sphere, or if you had gravity enabled and the sphere fell and hit the other.

If you’d like more information as far as how to set this up, let me know what you are trying to accomplish and maybe I can point you in the right direction.

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First, it is not an overlap event. It didn’t fire overlap event neither. Actually, a block channel can’t fire overlap event. Second, using the same setting and adding offset to cube, cube can fire Simulation Generates Hit Event. So do other collision shapes. (Capsule or auto generate custom collider) All of these are shown in my attached project. Are these all bugs?
Our project must set physics enabled but also can control transform by player without gravity. So could you tell me how to know a sphere is pushed away by another sphere?

I have reproduced your issue, and have entered a bug report (UE-28384). I will provide updates on this issue as they become available. Thank you for your report, and for providing a test project.

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Hey Sean, any word on this issue at all?



This issue is currently being investigated by our developers, but there is no timeline for a fix at this time. I will provide updates as they become available.

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