Spending game the first person to the third person.


I wonder if we can make a game that can go from first person to third person and vice versa.

It is certainly possible blueprint or c ++ code?

Could you give me the steps?

See you soon

These might help you out.

Very easily. You can place two separate cameras on the player, and switch between them by toggling their active states.


So I have to create a project in the third person.

Then, add a second, and the position in the manner which is shown in the first person by following the character.

Finally, edit the script to change the blueprint camera with the keyboard.

Is that a fair summary?

See you soon

just make your character, put the camera infront of his face for the first person where abouts it looks best, u can see the body and everything then, which is a point i like in first person shooters. make sure its on a camera boon thing for clipping reasons, on level start activate the first person camera. Then put another camera behind your character mesh where u want it add another boon thing like mine:


Then make a key for the camera to toggle in the edit-projectsetting-input menu, make a action mapping call it first person/3rd person toggle or whatever u want.

Then do this in your player blueprint.


Hope that helps.