Spelling Error C++ Top Down Template

Hi devs,

Was just starting a new top down C++ project and noticed a spelling error in one of the assets in the World Outliner for the TopDownExampleMap.

The [FONT=Courier New]LightmassImportanceVolume object resides in a Folder named “Lightting” (with two Ts), whereas all other Lighting objects ([FONT=Courier New]SkyLight, [FONT=Courier New]PostProcessVolume, etc.) live in a folder named “Lighting” (one T).

Not a big issue of course, but just something that could be cleaned up very easily. :wink:

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve brought it up to the team in charge of templates to be fixed. Please report any other typos or errors you find, we like to keep things polished. :smiley: