Spellcasting System

Dear Community,

I have been working on a spell casting system for my own project, and I though about releasing it on the Marketplace (all in blueprints) and I wonder if there is any Interrest in this.

At the moment my spell system consists of:
Spell Inventory within MyCharacter blueprint
Spell Base class

Spells are based on the Spell Base class and each spell is a flying projectile which has:
Flight Speed
Damage attribute
Mana Cost
Cast Time

Mesh component
Particle Effects Component
Collision Sphere
Sound Effect

Collision Particle Effect
Collision Sound Effect

Player can select active spell using mouse wheel and cast a spell using left click.

if people would be interrested in this, I would polish the system, add features which people could request and submit it to the Marketplace.

The System is currently on the Marketplace Submissions Public Voting Trello Board.

The system will come with a basic implementation tutorial as well as ideas and tips how you can implement various things and how to handle collision detection and damage dealing to what ever your spell hits, I plan on extending the system with set of tutorials explaining ideas behind using it to create specific spells we see in games (such as castable buffs/debuffs, aoe spells with specific effects like slow and such, stun spell mechanics etc.), various spell logics,handling spell resistances and similar spell related effects (silences, dispel mechanics and such).

As of now the spell system handles, pawns/characters spell book (holds spells and their relevant cooldowns and such) plus conjuring spells. damage dealing and reducing mana and possible effects on the caster or the target are explained, but not implemented (I dont have access to your monster/character blueprints to implement taking damage, but the spell’s values such as mana cost and power are exposed and easily accessible)

So for example to implement mana/energy/stamina reduction you can detect a successfull spell cast (main cast function returns if a spell has been casted) and get the casted spell’s mana cost and reduce your characters/pawns mana by the returned value.

same with calculating damage dealt to what ever the spell hits… on hit, get the actor, cast it into spell class, access its power variable and reduce the enemy’s hp by the amount of power the spell has, in the following days I plan on creating videos showing how to implement these.

Also this is an opportunity for people to say what they would want in future updates. feel free to message me with any questions or requests.

I would be interested … it would be a nice point to learn from and maybe expand on for my own project.

I agree with qDelpeche. Not only would I have interest in getting something like this… but… I would also be able to learn some from it.

Very cool

Sounds cool. Makes me feel like firing up the old Unreal 1 engine game, Wheel of Time.

The spell system has been added to the trello voting board, check it out and vote if you like it.