#SpellarPerformance the biggest capacitance plates i could afford


Title: the biggest capacitance plates i could afford

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Credits to sourced content: a lot of background elements from the following

  • factory environment, industrial area, city sample buildings, megapack (Flavela, MiddleEast,Yakohama),modernsci_engineering, modernsci props, modular building set, MS_PrestineMetals, Polar Sci-Fi Facility, Research megapack, RPG Effects, Storage House, Twin Motion materials, MegaScans

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  • Did you use Houdini? no
  • Description: i really wanted to capture that bleeding edge of 1930s science, build the central machine, generators, and those telegraph transformers with the geometry tools in engine. i learned a lot during this especially how to iterate faster and pull through when everything seems to go wrong. i had to build this a second time in a new map as the movie render cue and world partition are not on speaking terms . couldn’t be more pleased to finally show this beast to the world , enjoy
  • Engine version 5.1.1

It looks fantastic. I can’t believe you modeled those in-world! Can’t wait to work more on that.

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