Spell System?

This is really quite ambitious for a nooby like me but I am sort of asking this question for future reference. Would the adk and ark itself be able to accept a mod that adds a spell system.
I know without changing core c++ code this might be impossible but im just curious and thought that i would ask.

Hi Kohli,

I think it should be possible using blueprints as well. There is a blueprint-only spell system on the marketplace. It’s set for 4.8, but I couldn’t find anything in it that we didn’t also have here. It does look to be a lot of work, but I think it would be possible.

Yeah it was the spell blueprint that made me think that adding a magic element to ark would be kind of fun and Im down for the work load as soon as my skill level can catch up to it hahah
I appreciate you looking into it for me.

Dangit Kohii this was part of my secret plan for part of my mod lololol

Just a heads up, that spellsystem won’t even import currently (doesn’t even show up in the ADK due to compatibility issues I’m assuming atm, and the only thing that does is the enumerators, which are useless by themselves). I’ve brought up the importing issues with the Dev’s, but I’m not sure if importing blueprints will work in time for the contest. I’m personally just doing things from the ground up with the idea currently, as I don’t want to depend on that when I don’t know if I’ll even be able to use it.

Good news is, some particle effects have imported okay (only one pack actually), but some don’t as well due to again what I believe to be compatibility issues.

PS: It’s very do-able actually, even with using a lot of pre-developed things by just modifying them and then adding additional blueprinting on top, etc.

Welp, part of the cat is out of the bag now for my mod…shhhh don’t tell anyone lol

Hahahah you crack me up mate Its good to hear its possible itll still be a while before i could do anything about and I hope to see it in your mod man itll be amazing I imagine.

Haha, you as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Really at this point I just want to get all my sexy particle effects in lol

Don’t let me doing this as well stop you, as its only part of my overall planned mod, and I can see a couple different ways of having the spells and their system turn out. I imagine that there is a lot of people with the same or very similar mod concepts at this point >.<

Oh im not letting it deter me in the least I just know itll be a while before i get into it haha and make sure its not like morrowinds magic with just particles XD