Spell Array with BP empty

Hello community.

I am trying to create 2 lists with spells that each respective player can pick from. For this I have created a base BP called SpellBaseC with 3 variables, Name,Cooldown and Texture2D.
Then I have created 2 spells called “projectile” and “tree” that inherit from SpellBaseC.
I have a Widget with 2 scroll boxes
When the widget is constructed a macro is called to populate the list with a number of “Widget-buttons” by using an array. d12daf153ea5e0bf06c24451f4484d771b9bc40e.jpeg
Then I want the widgets that were added to contain the name and the Image(Texture2D) of each individual spell by binding functions to a text and a slate brush and getting the variables from their respective BP’s. What happens is that usually when I play this is that the list gets populated with the 2 test objects but as you can see in the top left corner the print string shows it doesn’t get the name variable from either BP instance. 33aeec43a5155681eddf7eb356ac5a5884f06425.jpeg

I figured that maybe the variables in the Widget doesnt have the right references to “Projectile and Tree” BP’s so I attempted to set a reference through calling a custom event in myGameInstance.


That didnt seem to help as nothing changes and Im running out of ideas to try(i tried couple of things before this and it didnt change).
I am not exactly sure where the problem lies and i cannot be more specific than this at this point. I hope i will be able to pin point it with your help. Also sorry for the swarm of screenshots.