Speedtrees and get hit results under cursor

I have a top down view game I’m working on and want to use speedtree to make some trees etc for my player to be able to run under etc.

One thing I noticed is the trees are able to block the movement of the player when the cursor gets into a particlar fond or such that takes up some space. I’m thinking it’s something to do with the get hit result under cursor by Channel node, giving the hit result and then the player trying to move there but obviously can’t cause the mesh is in the air.

I know this is the same issue with any 3d static mesh. Question though is… would there be a way to have the mouse not detect hits on certain meshes such as trees but on others?

This also applies to other static meshes like bridges etc. Where I want to let the hit detection not happen on that particular object.

Hi Keeperofstars,

You should be able to create an array of objects you want your trace to check for, and use that to determine whether or not the trace returns a hit. If you are going for a collision detection, you can set your collision to custom and ignore certain objects.