I’m still lost on Speedtree, how would I get Speedtree to learn it and use is in a demo? is it free if you have UE4?

the UE4 add-in is free but the editor is 19$ a month…:slight_smile: So if you buy trees ect…From them OR the UE4 Market…You can edit and whatever in UE4, BUT to make or have FULL control you’ll have to pay for full editor 19$ a month…

oh ok thank you for the info

Thanks for the info. Is that same as UE4? I mean can we subscribe for once and cancel it and continue using it and resubscribe only if we need updates?

Speedtree no :slight_smile: when the subscribtion ends the editor ends, BUT the UE4 part will always run…Just cant make new stuff…

Your Welcome DavidJ :slight_smile:

Thanks Sirhope. :slight_smile:

Hi David,

We posted some clarifying points after the Twitch broadcast. Hope it helps!