Speedtree vs custom

Outside of the content creation methods- is there any difference performance wise between importing a tree made in Speedtree from importing one made in another 3D package?

Is there code in UE4 that specifically draws Speedtree assets better? Or is that it utilizes all the import options?

Speedtrees are static meshes just like a tree made by hand in any 3d kit would be so there isn’t any difference.
There isn’t really any reason not to use speedtrees, the performance is great and making them is just so quick compared to doing it by hand.
I’m remaking all 20+ species and all the plants I made before in other applications in Speedtree now, it would be quicker to remake them all than to make the LOD levels for the last couple of species that I haven’t done so for yet, and they look better than what I could accomplish within my poly budget in other tree applications I used before.

hmmm, Im not that experienced when it comes to Speedtree, I’m more on customs, but I already tried speedtrees and it’s working fine for me somehow…